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[GM] San Andreas Turf Wars

San Andreas Turf Wars
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This gamemode is inspired by and based on LS Turf Wars by [W]Hustler.
It’s a Team DeatMatch gamemode with the possibility to take over 99! turfs.

Kill 5 players to start a turfwar. After 3 minutes the team with the most kills gets the turf!
After every war the final score will be shown in chat.

You can buy different spawnweapons in ammunation.
Bonus for killing players with a wanted level and taking over turfs.
Admins will be notified of large cash increases!
You can see the stats of your team with /teamstats or a other team with /teamstats (0-14)
Weapon drop when player get killed.

NEW!! Teamscore…

The teamscore will go up and down because of the turf war wins/loses and killing and deaths of team members.
If a team got a score of 500 or more and you take over a turf (by killing) you take over all the turfs of you’re opponent.
So they lose all their turfs to you.
But when a team got a score of 500 or more and they lose a turf war (by killing) the score will be set to 0.

Travel made easy just go to a airport or trainstation and walk in to the checkpoint.

The teams in LS are: Aztecas, Vagos, Ballas, Orange Grove Families and hoodlums.
The teams in SF are: Rifas, Triads, Da Nang, Worker and Cops.
The teams in LV are: Guards, Bikers, Mafia, Elvis Fanclub, Mechanics.

Enjoy! If you find bugs, please report them and i’ll try to fix them.


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