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[GM] Los Angeles Life

Well About The Script: I'm from QBase scripters, I made the QBase Rolepley based on ModernTopia…[By LordMan]. My name was FrankQ untill i forgot the password hehe…so I opened this one. Well, this script actually is a Godfather > Los Angeles Edit. I was working on this script like a half of year. and I promise you this script has no bugs at all! it's a very very stable script without any crashes and bugs..! I hope you'll enjoy my work here. so let's continue to the Credits(the most important thing).

Credits: First of all going to FeaR the godfather maker, secondly to whole los angeles roleplay scripters team.
And to QBase scripter team.

Job Statics:
Legal Job List:
Car Mechanic,
Body Guard,
Stunt Man,
Taxi Driver,
Bus Driver,
Paper Boy,
Pizza Boy,
Street Sweeper.
[Totally 14 Legal Jobs]

ILegal Job List:
Drugs Dealer,
Drugs Farmer,
Drugs Smuggler,
Materials Smuggler,
Gun Maker.
[Totally 6 ILegal Jobs]

Faction Statics:
[LA services:] Police Department, Fbi Agency, National Guard, Firemen/Paramedic, Government, News Reporter.
– [LA Mafia:] Surenos(Spanish Mafia), La Famiglia Sinatra(Italian Mafia), Yamaguchi(Japanese Mafia), Chornaya Bratva(Russian Mafia), Top Shottas(Red Coffee Mafia), Hitman Agency.
[Totally 12 Factions (LA services:6)(LA mafia:6)]

Function List:
– Moved To 0.2X SA:MP Version.
– When A Player Killed, He'll Spawn At The Hospitel For A Reset.
– When A Vehicle Breaks Down, U'll Must Call For A Mechanic To Fix Your Vehicle.
– Vehicle Rent/Sale System's.
– Engine System.
– Gates On Each Faction. (LSPD,FBI,ARMY)
– Anti Money/Weapon Cheat System.
– Anti AFK System.
– Menu's System.
– Job System.
– Faction/Gang/Family/Crew/Mafia System.
– Animation System.
– Newspaper System [Los Angeles GPS].
– Register, Login System Fully Working.
– Masking System. For Level '5' , When Using It's Hide Your Name.
– Gangs Have Language System. [Japanese,Spanish,Russian,Italian]
– Black Market System.
– Fishing System.
– Coocking System.
– ATM System.
– Bank System.
[And alot more functions! I just can't remember right check it by yourself]
Bugs Report:
– Taxi Job Fixed.
– Minor Bugs Fixed.
Script Has 40,000+ Lines! Here's The Download:
Link: Download

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