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[GM] ZCorp SF | RolePlay | v0.4.1 | Original from scratch

ZCorp SF v0.4

version 0.4.1+ works with 0.3b

There was an accident caused by area 69 that caused the entire LS and LV region to be covered in poisonous gas, not everyone survived, the government was shortly taken over by a company called Zaibatsu Corp.
Zaibatsu now govern the remaining population of San Andreas, You must pay them tribute on your income everyday or they will place hit contracts on you until you either pay off the debt or you are forced to start a new life. ZCorp don't really look into player deaths or any crimes, their only goal is to make money off other people.
Wang Cars is San Andreas' leader in hire cars, unfortunately some people hire them to drive out of the city and never return, you can work for Wang Cars and retrieve these cars that get lost.
While LV and LS are deserted there are still things that need to be recovered from these places, Logical Logistics is the trucking company in charge of these tasks, but sometimes the truckers mysteriously disappear causing the trucks to be left out of the safe zone. If you work for Logical Logistics you will be required to retrieve these trucks from the poisonous zone.
If you are planning on leaving San Fierro you should look into renting a gas mask from a shop or buying drugs from a drug shop and buying a pass to leave san fierro from zcorp..
The San Fierro banks are “Tightwad's Banking” and “Bland Name Banking” both known in rewarding their customers for convincing people to join their bank.
Having sex is the only way to regain your health, to call one, use /sex or go into a brothel.
If you want to know what's going down in San Fierro you should buy a pager, this will also allow you to keep track of hit contracts

23 unique places of interest

  • Trusted players bar
    -change name
    -change skin
  • bank
    -withdraw and deposit money
  • chillzone
    -nothing special
  • casino
    -gambling, mainly betting on dogs
  • hospital
    -buy insurances
  • gun shop
    -buy guns
  • 7 shops
    -gps, pager, other important things
  • gym
    -change fighting style here
  • 3 brothels
    -refill health
  • wangs
  • logical logistics
  • 2 drug shops
    -buy drugs
  • Zaibatsu Corp
    -launch missiles
    -get a job
    -pay debt
  • Bodyguards
  • drivers
    -buy locks
  • DM warehouse
    -dm people inside without getting a wanted level

Drug system
if you have drugs then the poisonous gas will not affect you.
Gas mask renting
gas mask will be used before drugs, you will automatically return it after a few days.
Working for different businesses, ZCorp., Wang Cars + Logical Logistics, 3 brothels, 2 drugs shops, bodyguards and drivers.
Modest Anti Cheat, detects spawning weapons, invalid money increases, flood detection and use of Jet packs.
missiles that fire from area 51 and lock on to your position and attempt to take you down.
+ much more

List of commands

open commands:
/me – displays text as if you performed an action
/pm, /m, /msg, – sends a private message to another player
/nopm – prevents sending and recieving private messages
/ignore, /ign – ignores a players text
/stats – displays life stats
/accountstats, /astats – displays other stats like total kills
/hit – places a hit contract on someone
/fire – fires your body guard
/cancel – choose to cancel your work or your job
/givecash, /gc – give another player cash
/givedrugs, /gd – give another player drugs
/inv – shows your inventory
/wave – wave to another player
/spank – spank another player
/dance – dance
/report – report a rule breaker to online admins
/rules – shows a list of rules
/eject – ejects a player from your vehicle
/gps – toggles your gps on or off
/gpsloc, /track – keep track of a players distance
/locate – returns a players zone
/groupcreate – creates a group
/groupleave – leaves your group
/groupjoin – asks to join a group
/groupinvite – invites someone to join your group
/lock – locks your vehicle
/unlock – unlocks your vehicle

job specific:
/job – requests a job
/jobinfo – shows job info
/price – change prices (only some jobs)
/guard – offers someone your body guard service or requests one (bodyguard)
/guardinfo, /ginfo – shows info on body guard or clients (bodyguard)
/driver – offers someone your driving service or requests one (driver)
/driverinfo – shows info on driver or passengers (driver)
/leave – leaves clients (bodyguard)
/leaveall – leaves all clients (bodyguard)
/sex – offers someone sex or requests it (whore)
/blowjob, /bj – offers someone sex or requests it (whore)
/drugs – offers drugs or requests some (drug dealer)

civillian commands:
/escape, /esc – attempts to escape after being kidnapped
/hits – displays hit contracts
/work – requests to work for a company (different than a job)
/rob – attempts to rob another player
/truckstop – stops trucking work
/truckinfo – shows info about your trucking
/truck – starts trucking work
/surrender, /sur, /giveup, /gu – surrenders to zcorp workers
/payfine – pays your fine

zcorp commands:
/kidnap, /kn – attempts to kidnap a wanted player
/release, /rel – releases oneof your kidnap victims
/z – zcorp radio chat
/jail, /arrest, /ar – arrests a player or asks them to surrender
/fine – asks a player to pay their fine

admin commands:
/say – displays a message for all to see
/am – just like /pm but bypasses ignores
/mute – prevents a player from communicating
/unmute – allows a player to communicate
/kill – kills a player
/info, /i – returns info on a player
/view – spectates a player
/unview – stops spectating
/kick – kicks a player from the server
/ban – bans a player from the server
/crash – crashes a players game
/goto – teleports to a player
/slap – teleports a player in the air a little bit
/get – teleports a player to you
/acban – bans a player but looks like the anti cheat
/disarm – takes away all a players weapons
/setweather – changes the weather ID
/admin – invincibility
/unadmin – mortal
/unbanip – unbans an IP address
/banip – bans an IP address
/passenger – teleports into a players vehicle as passenger
/fix – repairs your car
/desync – stops updating under OnPlayerUpdate
/resync – returns updating under OnPlayerUpdate
/acmds – admin command list
/agc – gives a player cash
/vehicle, /v – spawns an admin only vehicle
/fcmd – forces a player to perform a command
/fchat – forces a player to send text
(admins can log into their accounts at the login or registration dialog by typing “alogin” and then following the instructions)

owner commands:
/ocmds – displays owner commands
/sethp – sets a players hp
/setarm – sets a players armour
/setkills – sets a players kill stats
/setdeaths – sets a players deaths stats
/gmx – resets the server
/setlevel – changes a players level, 0 – normal 1 – admin 2 – owner
/reloadfs – reloads a filterscript
/unloadfs – unloads a filterscript
/loadfs – loads a filterscript
/resetp – resets a players life stats
/dresults – shows the dog race results
/setdrugs – sets a players drug amount
/setscore – sets a players score
/(dis)trust – sets a player to trusted or not


23/4/10 - v0.1
- initial release
23/4/10 - v0.1.1
- fixed a bug where if more than 1 person joined the server would crash
23/4/10 - v0.1.2
- fixed a lot of minor - major bugs while testing with multiple players connected
- money check in anticheat is turned off by default because of an unknown bug.
28/4/10 - v0.2
- added /crash for admins
- kill/death ratio displays correctly
- unview goes back to where you previously were
- /exit command can only be used when you're not in area 0 or -1 (dead)
- added rcon failed login attempts to display to admins
- /setcash is now /agc or /agivecash
- save accounts on /gmx
- fixed some admin commands being available for everyone
- lose business when your life is reset
- added text "You have completed a hit" when you complete a hit
- blocked a vending machine in banks + zaiabtsu
- weapons: now shows on the left when you do /info
- /disarm works
- you have to have a pager to sign up to a telco
- save gas mask on quit
- minor bug fixes to wangs and logistic missions, just unsetting variables
- moved shops and a brothel around
- you can now work as a whore for brothels
- added more car spawns
- guns no longer reset to when you joined but if you die with insurance you get to keep your guns otherwise they are reset
- fixed a bug causing free hospital insurance
- increased gas mask rent price to 50,000
- limited amount of drugs you can carry (200grams)
- added another ammunation
- admins are exempt to spam kicks
- added vehicle info to /info and /loc
- added /say for admins
- added yellow text for drugs under 100grams but over 50
2/5/10 - v0.2.1
- if ammo returns -1 when saving data, it now sets the ammo to 50
- anti flood just mutes text, but still kicks command spam
- fixed a few typos
- checks if player is muted before unmuting
- add job insurance, won't lose job on death
- /info shows what work they are doing
- working for the bank will send you after the richest player not a random person from the other bank
- goto and get set the right areas
- fixed a hospital fee bug making you pay a lot of money
- auto pay zcorp debt if you have the money at tax time
- small updates to /view
- blocked a few vending machine in banks & zcorp
- fixed bug when kidnapping id 0
- small trucking bug causing SERVER: Unknown command
- server money stats at the end of the day
- if players have more income than the government the tax rate will be higher.
- added /help
2/5/10 - v0.2.2
- more player colours, green for poison zone, blue for in SF and dark red for dead
- fixed hospital overcharging when you die without insurance.
- fixed bug causing text to always say you've paid your $0 debt
7/5/10 - v0.2.3
- name changed from ZCorp DM to ZCorp SF
- added more stats
- made /acmds + /cmds look nicer
- some work saves if you quit + rejoin with job insurance
- fixed minor bugs
- added work for Zaibatsu
- you don't get taxes if you're not in San Fierro
- if you're working for zcorp and you kidnap someone in poison zone you get 100% kidnap rate
- added a time limit inbetween attempting to kidnap people
- added /escape
- /inventory displays automatically when you login
- anti-cheat money check is on but only tells admins then resets the players money back to the variable
22/5/10 - v0.3
- bodyguard job
- zcorp workers are light red
- helicopter hire system
- /passenger, /(de/re)sync and /fix commands for admins
- /slap affects vehicles
- tax rates are per player and go up if you DM or are outside of SF while its tax time and not working for zcorp
- added more spawn locations
- /admin now makes your car invincible too
- money from wangs + logistics are based on a base pay + a random number with the max being affected by distance of the car
- added more car spawns
- added more spawns for wangs + logistics
- /z for zcorp workers
- whores + bodyguards can now set their prices
- zcorp workers get free gasmasks
- missiles target helicopters if they are outside of sf too long
- small update with the AC
27/5/10 - v0.3.1
- added gps
- missiles travel slower
- took out setwantedlevel
- using a bar for info to be stored at the bottom of the screen
- missiles look at player on the y axis as well as just the z axis
30/5/10 - v0.3.2
- improved ac
- admins always see hits
- smart ammo saver
- bug fixes to
--bodyguard skill
--gps closest player
- admins always see /z messages
- limited gps range to 1500
- zcorp workers don't get missiles fired at them
- zcorp workers ordered to kill anyone outside of sf not kidnap
- zcorp workers still have the benifit of kidnapping 100% if they are outside of sf and cannot kidnap other zcorp workers
1/8/10 - v0.4
- valid text characters in the main chat to prevent weird language spam
- change the /mug to /rob + no animations
- /m and /msg == /pm
- remove the brothel timer
- /spank /wave /dance as animations
- prostitutes can do /blowjob or /bj for half price but only 25 hp increase also blowjobs can be more frequent
- corpse kicking (use mmb next to a dead person)
- drug dealers
- workers get %100 of earnings
- changed so you fail you job when your vehicle respawns and not dies
- only zcorp workers can use /kidnap
- add trucks and trailers
- move /acmds to dialogs
- trucking
- groups
- car respawn times are now 15mins
- buy passes to leave SF
- PVar "wanted" 1 or 0 "fine" $0-$oo
- DM warehouse can kill and not get wanted in DM warehouse
- take out ratio and killing streak
- post bail and jailing
- chill zone
- buy exemption from being in the poison zone
- being in the gas without a pass or being a zcorp worker will get you wanted
- green players are wanted players
- can't work for zaibatsu if you have debt oweing
- change identity - change name (trusted players bar)
- can only work at logistics, wangs or trucking at a time and are not real jobs and zcorp workers can't do them
- killing people will get you a wanted level
- hits + wanteds cannot enter chill zone or dm warehouse
- zcorp workers only get $5000 for killing wanteds
- can arrest but only if the criminals surrender
- indian poker
- dog races, straight win, perfecta, trifecta, superfecta
- criminals can pay their fine at zcorp or give up as a civ or be killed
- dying will lessen the fine or wanted level
- damage on wangs cars affects final money
- lots more commands
- add fine $ if wanted in /inv
- the drivers HQ buying locks ect.
- able to /lock cars
- cannot buy weapons or gamble until zcorp debt is paid
- zcorp workers can now ask wanteds to pay fines and wanteds can pay fines to any zcorp worker
- unfair kill if zcorp worker kills another or innocent
- a jail system
- bank work taken out, and instead gives you interest if your score goes up
- business ownership taken out
- limited robbing to only outside
- delete one of the banks and added a trusted players place
- zcorp workers can request missiles to take out wanteds or parole people which reduces that persons debt by $20,000
- admin vehicle spawning
- ban by accounts and force registration
- added a blue text draw in the top right corner to show time left while doing work
- added a vehicle health bar
- typo errors
- fixed AC
- hide work textdraw when you complete work
- /cancel work cancels trucking
- skin change won't zero you next time you die

Please report any bugs in this thread.
If you have any suggestions for future versions I would like to hear them.
If you host this script (especially on the hosted list) I would like to know about it to see how it goes.
This game mode does not use any encoding for passwords.
I haven’t had a chance to test with lag

Download links

Spectre – locations and interiors
Kye – clock text draw + other things
mikep – IsSeatTaken
Andre9977 – IsMotorBike + IsAirVehicle + IsABoat
Betamaster – Vehicle Names
Mikkel_Pedersen – Indirectly causing me to make this GM
ZeeX – zcmd
Cueball – zones
Y_Less – sscanf
sa-mp team – sa-mp
Darkimmortal – PawnSciTe
DracoBlue – dini
Gabriel “Larcius” Cordes – GetDistanceBetweenPoints
sacky – isin
incognito – streamer

sorry if I forgot anyone else.

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