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==[ ► [GM] New Generation Role Play ◄ ]==

► New Generation RPG ◄ ►ABOUT: Well, well, well. It has been a long time since I developed this mode and I finally forced myself to rewrite it and fix the bugs. Actually, I was working on a training server for Fire Department faction on Los Santos Role Play, which was based on my earlier work at NGRP. And now… I brought the ideas and bugfixes from that code to this one.
Yeah, finally no bugs and… it’s maybe even playable.

►NGRP is different: Yeah, NGRP is different, blah blah. I was maybe lacking English skill when I firstly wrote the info about this mode, but what I said was true. NGRP is different. A roleplay mode written from new.pwn. Which means… finally some non-gf-ultra-giga-turbo-extra-role-play with over 90 thousands lines of code.

►FACTIONS: Well, there were less factions before, but I added some new. True story – after you register, go to the scriptfiles and change your admin level to THREE (which is the max), so you will be able to invite you or your friends into one of the factions.Police Department
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Fire Department
Department of Corrections
+ some jobs like
Car Dealer
There are two places where you can buy your own vehicle in – LV Cars (near the Four Dragons Casino) and Wang Cars.
There are two 24/7’s (where you can buy stuff like watch and others), LVPD Enter + Bank (something like Bank + Cityhall)

►IS NGRP REALLY DIFFERENT?: Well, yeah. Many commands for ADVANCED roleplay, again, ADVANCED roleplay, no roleplay like NextGenRP or Italy Mafia…
Commands like /me, /do, /ame, /whisper, /low, /shout, animations (/anim), police commands (/cuff, /uncuff, /paralyse, /tazer, /drag, /dragend, /jail, …) and many more.

List of admin commands – the /ainvite is the most important, as you actually can’t play without a faction. Don’t forget to set yourself an admin level first!
Basically, all you need to do is register on the server, then log out and edit your account’s .sav file, setting the AdminLevel to 3.

  • LEVEL 1: /kick /freeze /unfreeze /say /achat /ip /goto /gethere /despawn
  • LEVEL 2: /announce /slap /mute /unmute /ajail /afree /ban /disaccdeath
  • LEVEL 3: /gmx /setooc /ainvite /apromote /afire /setlevel /setalevel /spectate /specoff /security

It’s, deal with it. I get like 0.001 cents per one download, so let me pay myself a pack of cigarettes and DO NOT reupload the mode on other upload server. Thank you!
DOWNLOAD (includes gamemode, scriptfiles, includes, fastkeys and car models[not my work])

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  1. Anonymous disse:

    é todo ingles é filho? se for ingles pq vc postou?
    e perca de tempo baixar 17,9 completamente 18MG em uma merda em ingles! vc ta no brasil tomara que nao seja ingles!!!

  2. JAO_LEAO disse:

    vei paga de jao sem braço nao o blog tem visitas de todos paises no site o segundo pais que dar mais visitas é EUA entao ler a descriçao da postagem (y) ‘-‘

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