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Fas Drifting GM 0.3d RC2


Hyy there Everyone !!
I am releasing my 4th Gamemode and 7th Script here today. This is a Simple Drifting Gm made by only me except some Major FilterScripts.

Gamemode Information
This is a simple Drift Gamemode with Teleports to get to more then 10 drift places..
It is 0.3d soo no need to convert it..

 10+ Drift Places.
 Lux Admin System with plugin (Whirlpool)
 Lux Real Time Clock
 Garsino’s Carmenu System

FaSihYouSf >> For Creating the whole GameMode
LuxurioN >> For Admin and Clock System
Garsino >> For Car Spawner System

Screen 1
Screen 2
Screen 3

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